Picture for Gougou app has been released!
Picture by Gougou Team

We are proud to announce that we’ve released gougou.cash! Expense manager that lets you understand your money spending habits.

David and I didn't like the current expense tracking apps. We’ve found them being too complex or limited to a merely single platform.

You can use spreadsheets instead. However, spreadsheets are easy to get started with but cumbersome to maintain later. Lack of enforced data validation leads to headaches.

Disappointed with aforementioned solutions, we came up with to create our expense management app. We’ve extracted the best ideas and enclosed them in a compact and elegant interface.

Gougou is the phonetic spelling of the Chinese word 狗狗, which means dog.

Gougou running on desktop

Gougou features

Minimalism and self-sufficiency are becoming more and more popular recently. We believe that technology should be human-centric by design. Simple tools that save your time and energy.

With gougou.cash you can:

  • add expenses to category, with optional notes
  • create expense with voice commands
  • store expenses for multiple currencies
  • create and customize categories with icons
  • generate reports for a specified timeline
  • find the most expensive categories
  • run it on desktop and mobile devices as PWA or in the browser
  • change interface language to English, Mandarin Chinese and Polish
  • enjoy the beautiful and clean design with no ads
  • sleep safely, we guarantee we will never sell your data

This is just the core set of features for the Minimal Lovable Product. Next releases are on the way. You can find a list of planned features here.

Gougou speech recogniton

Tech stack

Gougou is using React on the frontend and Elixir Phoenix as the API backend.

The PWA is still in its early stages, but ignoring it would be a great misconception. It is the perfect balance between writing native or React Native applications and just a web application. With Progressive Online App (PWA) technology, you can pin the Gougou app to your smartphone screen and use it as a native app.