Magento 2 Augmented Reality and 3D Extension

Are you looking for 3D or AR Extension for Magento 2? We're excited to bring you a tool to improve your customer engagement!

Digital Visualisation

Dynamic 3D Product preview

Sterile white studio backdrops are boring. Stand out and showcase your products in realistic outdoors scenery.

AR is the Future of E-commerce

Wow your customers by offering a full product preview that goes beyond static images. Allow your shoppers to interact with products in ways they've never experienced before, fostering a deeper connection with your offerings.

A man walking into digital realm

Augmented Reality without Glasses

Bring Augmented Reality (AR) directly to your customers' devices, eliminating the need for special glasses or headsets. Showcase products in your store to captivate and engage users like never before.

Dress in Augmented Reality displayed on a phone

Versatile Applications

3D and AR solutions are not limited to specific industries. Whether you're selling furniture, canvas art, or car parts - you can't neglect the power of visualisations.

Compass and boxes

Seamless Website Integration

Immerse your customers in a world where they can visualize products right on your website. Our Glasses-Free AR solution seamlessly integrates with your Magento 2 store, providing an immersive and captivating experience.

Servers closeup

Compatible with Product Swatches

The extension incorporates 3D and AR capabilities with your existing product variations, giving customers a comprehensive understanding of color, texture, and design.

Mobile Ready

AR works seamlessly on phones and tablets. No need for additional hardware – the magic unfolds right in the hands.

A phone held in hands

Minimize Returns, Maximize Efficiency

Allow customers to visually experience products in their own environment before purchasing. Significantly diminish the likelihood of mismatched expectations. Save both you and your customers time.

Customer Returns

Propel Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews are a powerful testament to the success of your store. Build trust and reputation by providing a shopping experience beyond traditional e-commerce norms.

Positive reviews

Happy Customers = Prosperity

The equation is simple: satisfied customers contribute to a thriving online business. By investing in 3D/AR technology, you not only meet current industry standards but also set yourself apart as an innovator in the e-commerce landscape.

Happy Customer holding a credit card

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